E-mail problems?

tbHave you ever bought a new Desktop PC or laptop, and you need an e-mail program on your computer?  You will have noticed that Microsoft has not been supplying an e-mail program in Windows. 

Microsoft wants you to use the ‘Cloud’ – where your email uses their servers and programs online.  I will cover the Cloud in a separate article.

Mozilla Thunderbird  is an alternative to Microsoft’s ‘Cloud’ offering or Office 360 subscription.

Thunderbird MS Office 2003 themeI’ve been using Thunderbird on my new laptop instead of using Outlook, and I’m very satisfied.  I’ve themed it to look like MS Office 2003 so it has a familiar look – without all the frustration.  You can theme it to your own personal taste – there are hundreds of themes available.

We’ve installed Thunderbird for our customers many times since Outlook Express was discontinued. But I stayed with Outlook.  Why?  It was familiar.

Now I have moved over to Thunderbird because of the frustration factor – the search wasn’t working in my Outlook 2010, even after I rebuilt the index.  So the pain drove me to abandon my familiar Outlook and try something new.  Problem solved.  The search works on Thunderbird exactly as I need it to, across multiple email accounts.

Do you ever have occasions where you need to e-mail a large file?   Thunderbird makes it easy to share large files over email.

We’re using a Dropbox account with a Thunderbird add-on called ‘Dropbox for Filelink’.  It worked seamlessly.  The price?  A bit of time setting it up.  You can also do it using plugins in Outlook.

Please contact us if you’d like to know more about Thunderbird or sending large files through e-mail.

Sending large attachments 1

This is what we received after I sent a 37.4MB file attachment.


Sending large attachments

Clicking on the link on the email takes you to the Dropbox website, where you can open your large file.